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Though Wallonia is compact, it packs a melange of history, architecture, nature, culture, food, and cities. This region has been a battleground for centuries, with battles stretching back to the Napoleonic era and continuing to the Second World War. In Belgium alone, you'll find the world's highest density of castles, including some magnificent medieval fortresses and fanciful chateaux that still stand today.
Here the official language is French, and Wallonia is a land that feels like a separate country from Flanders.
Namur is the capital of the region. Nestled between the Meuse and Sambre Rivers, Namur's size and fortifications were perfect for centuries of fighters. Today, the citadel is in ruins but remains one of Europe's mightiest fortresses. Below the citadel, Namur's old-town core is perfect for wandering to find architectural treasures from centuries past and small but charming museums (covering everything from medieval crafts to erotic paintings from the 19th century).
If you're looking for a hike through Wallonia, look no further than Dinant. This is where you can enjoy the city and its famous citadel, built high above it. From its location, this construction sprang out of a movie set like Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones!
A fantastic destination here is the Bouillon and its majestic castle surrounded by River Semois.
The earliest mention of this castle is from 988 CE, but it's famous for being the home of Godfrey V, who died in Jerusalem after winning the First Crusade. Duke Godfrey's participation in the First Crusade has given rise to various legends about visitors to his castle, including King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, King Richard the Lionheart of England, and Robin Hood. These stories are mentioned in Dan Brown's novel "The Da Vinci Code."
Wallonia has also witnessed the famous "The Battle of the Bulge," which lasted six weeks in the snow, low temperatures, and harsh winter of the Ardennes. The recently opened Bastogne War Museum offers an in-depth presentation of these dramatic events.

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