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Utrecht is the lively and historic heart of Holland. Utrecht has beautiful canals lined with quaint wharf cellars housing cafés and terraces overlooking the water. The architectural attractions - museums, churches, monuments, etc. - in Utrecht are pretty varied, each contributing to the city's unique charm.
You'll find it impossible to ignore the Dom tower, which you can notice from any point in the city. There are no cars in this attractive, historically exciting city center with its car-free streets.
The Dutch word "Utrecht" means "distant pasture." The description couldn't be more apt when you take in this old-world city's captivating beauty. Utrecht is a university city with a story to tell dating back many centuries. It's set in a stately setting, surrounded by scenic canal waterways that radiate from its beautiful 15th-century Domtoren tower, one of the Netherlands' most iconic buildings. Canalside paths wrap around the city center, with charming venues for food, drink, dancing, and sleeping.
Utrecht has a lively cafe culture, but it's not limited to the city's canals. The city offers an array of concert schedules that are great for floating through, and if you want to splurge, there are plenty of gorgeous and elegant boutique hotels that were once historic mansions.
You can find what you need for that perfect meal with various shops and restaurants nearby. And if the days in Utrecht get chilly, many restaurants and terraces overlook the canals. After all, what better way to enjoy canalside views than with a delicious dinner and drinks?



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