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In northern Italy's southern Alps, Turin is rich in art, history, and culture. The city has a Parisian touch and Austrian aroma but is absolutely Italian. It was here, in 1799, that the industrious Turin chocolate makers invented the world's first production chocolate bars and where Fiat made Italy's most iconic cars.
Turin is a vast cultural hub with its thriving contemporary art, architecture, and live-music scene. As for food and wine, the innovative culture is unrivaled.
If you want to visit Turin, a historical city with different areas rich in historic beauty, check out this article.
Turin has a unique mix of old and new. The world-famous city is known for its vibrant Baroque architecture, beautiful aristocratic residences from a bygone era, and priceless monuments just waiting to be discovered.
Special mentions go to the Venaria Reale and The Egyptian Museum.
Venaria Reale may not enjoy the same weighty publicity that Versailles does. But Venaria Reale is one of the largest royal residences in the entire world. It was rescued from ruin by a €235 million restoration project that lasted for 10 years. It's immense but regal and under-publicized at the same time. This UNESCO-listed baroque palace is about 14km northwest of Turin, Italy, and was built as a glorified hunting lodge by the Duke of Savoy in 1675.
The Egyptian Museum of Turin is the oldest Egyptian in the world.
The museum contains over 40,000 finds, including ancient plaques and papyrus. For the more culturally minded visitor, there is also the opportunity to admire temporary exhibitions along with educational tours and workshops that showcase the knowledge. Visitors need to check out the library's fascinating ancient works and collections of immense value.

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