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DH Lawrence once said: "Sardinia is different."
Many people come here feeling inspired by its natural beauty and uniqueness. They go from snow-packed forests to white-sand beaches or from seeing rare wildlife, such as blue-eyed albino donkeys on the Isola dell'Asinara, to observing wild horses that roam Giara di Gesturi.

Sardinia is the perfect place for you if you're looking to experience a more remote, wild region of Italy in a unique setting.
Home to some of the most amazing beaches on all coastline—including Porto Pollo's sand-carpeted strand—Sardinia also offers its share of hidden gems, such as San Pietro Montorio with its spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Imagine dropping anchor in Costa Smeralda's coves, swimming in emerald waters; playing castaway on Golfo di Orosei's cliffs, where sheer cliffs ensure complete seclusion; or cruising to La Maddalena's islands, where opportunities abound to explore every last inch.
In addition, take your pick from three different seaside villages full of charming quirks and eccentricities!
You can stroll through the luxuriant, quiet interior to the twilight of Tiscali's Nuraghic archeological site. There are 7000 Nuraghi (Bronze Age towers) scattered across the island, along with 'giant' tombs and fairy houses.

Sardinia is also a significant hotspot for culinary adventures. Regarding pasta, bread, and "dolci," Sardinia has unique takes on these dishes. They are also known for their wine: Vermentino whites and Cannonau reds. And of course, you can't forget about their cheese from the mountainous interior--casu marzu pecorino--the most famous Sardinian cheese.
Sardinia is also an island of very eccentric festivals, from Barbagia's carnival parade of horrifying mamuthones, told to expel winter devils, to the death-defying S'Ardia horse race in Sedilo.

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