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The rural landscapes of Provence are a dream come true for many people. The variety of food, villages with amazing views, wine, markets, and climate make it a perfect location for living your dreams.
And for modern art lovers, Provence is the place to be. With Cézanne, Van Gogh, and Gauguin all working here and creating some of their most famous paintings- not to mention Picasso, Matisse, Braque, and other greats like Derain and Dufy- it's a treasure trove of artistic brilliance.
Provence towns and villages are unique and quite different from one another. One of the many things Aix has going for it is its chicness - you'll find this reflected in its leafy boulevards, public squares, and gurgling moss-covered fountains.
Located in the Provençal region of southern France, the town of Avignon has an impressive cultural and architectural history. The best-known site is the Palais des Papes, whose towering spectacle has been given UNESCO World Heritage status.
Avignon is best known for its annual arts festival, an unparalleled experience in France.
The Luberon region is a patchwork of hilltop villages, beautiful views of the valley, and fragrant lavender fields. Locals love to celebrate traditions like cooking great food and making high-quality wine. The region is trendy during the summer when villagers throw markets every week. These markets are full of local specialties such as olive oil, honey, and lavender for sale.
The old fishing village at Cassis is stunningly beautiful and beautifully situated. Cassis is one of France's prettiest towns and has lots to offer in terms of good restaurants, bars, and boutiques.
Marseille, a city with an extensive heritage that stretches back to the classical Greeks, is recently subject to an in-depth renovation. Adding several new museums is just the outward sign of optimism and self-confidence that is palpable. Marseille's heart is the vibrant Vieux Port (old port), nestled among the yachts and pleasure boats. Le Panier, Marseille's oldest district, is on the hillside just up from it.
When the Petit Rhône and Grand Rhône meet the Mediterranean, the Camargue arises: 930 sq km of sansouires (salt flats), étangs (small saltwater lakes), and marshlands, interspersed with farmland.
Forget time as you explore this timeless wetland area in Provence. You'll see unique plants and animals, like black bulls and white horses, as well as pink flamingos. I'm sure you'll love the scenery of the rice paddies, which are covered in salt water.
The small town of Arles is a beautiful place to visit. The charming and golden-hued historic city, which famously inspired Van Gogh, features excellent art and history museums and some of the best restaurants in the world.

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