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Naples, Ischia & Procida

Naples is nothing short of a masterpiece. Creative, soul-stirring art, unforgettable panoramas and spontaneous conversations are just the beginning.
The thousands of years of Naples' history fill a thesaurus. Settled by the Greeks and colonized by the Romans, these two forces combine to form an unmistakable identity.
Naples is home to an abundance of cultural treasures. The city holds two royal palaces, three castles, and ancient ruins, including some of Christianity's oldest frescoes. The Museo Archeologico Nazionale claims the world's finest collection of Pompeiian frescoes and mosaics. At the same time, Cappella Sansevero has Italy's most fantastic marble sculpture, and there are Caravaggios in several unique locations.
Naples, Italy, is a paradise for foodies. Blessed with rich volcanic soils, a bountiful sea, and plenty of culinary know-how from generations before us, this region is one of the country's biggest epicurean heavyweights. With world-famous pizza, pasta, and espresso, as well as mouthwatering street markets and celebrated dishes, Naples is the perfect destination for anyone hungry to take advantage of some high-quality food!
Ischia is a lovely island just off the coast of Naples. A colony of Magna Graecia, Ischia today is known for its thermal spas and natural countryside. You won't find huge resorts on this island, but the charm and beauty will speak for themselves.
Ischia Porto boasts the best nightlife, while Forio and Lacco Ameno feature beautiful spas and gardens. The calmer south coast of Sant' Angelo offers a more peaceful experience with beautiful beaches, car-free streets, and no traffic noise. In between are scenic places like Forio's chestnut forests, vineyards, volcanic rock, and Monte Epomeo.
Procida is the smallest island and the best-kept secret of the Bay of Naples. Here, locals with children are seen clutching fishing rods and pushing prams while talking to old seafolk who spend their lives on the seas. The hotels in Procida are less crowded, fewer waiters speak a broken form of German, and the island's welcoming vibe has been untouched by the tidal wave of tourists.

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