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Lake Maggiore

The beautiful lake Maggiore is located in the north of Italy and is bordered by Switzerland.
More than its siblings to the east, Lake Maggiore harbors a distinct belle-époque air. The lake became a popular tourist destination in the late 19th century with the Simplon Pass's opening, and this era, with its stately hotels and regal promenades, still defines its essence.
The mild climate and stunning scenery make Lake Maggiore a perfect place to relax and enjoy the good life. The clear waters are ideal for swimming and boating, while there are also plenty of opportunities for walks and hikes in the surrounding mountains.
The lake is well known for its stunning scenery and lovely towns like Stresa, Verbania, Locarno, and Ascona. The lake's main attraction is the Borromean Islands, which lie at the entrance of the Borromean Gulf between Stresa and Verbania.
All three islands are easily accessible from Stresa or Verbania by boat, and there are also regular ferry services from Locarno in Switzerland.
These islands are a must-see when visiting the lake; each has its unique charm. Isola Madre is the largest of the islands and is home to a beautiful botanical garden. Isola dei Pescatori is a quaint fishing village with traditional restaurants serving fresh fish from the lake. And last but not least, Isola Bella is arguably the most beautiful of the islands, with its magnificent baroque palace and gardens.
Ascona is also just a short journey by boat from Stresa or Verbania.

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