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Flanders is a land of incredible beauty and diversity. The countryside is dotted with picturesque villages and towns, while the cities are bustling metropolises full of culture and history.
The western border ranges for 65km along the North Sea, a famous stretch of white sandy beaches and dunes, marinas, and charming resorts.
Flanders is home to the magical, magnificent medieval city of Bruges, the jewel in the country's crown: the gentle Ghent, the effervescent Antwerp, and the less-known but amazing Mechelen.

Bruges is undoubtedly the star attraction of Flanders. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a true Fairtytale city, with its winding canals, cobbled streets, and beautiful medieval buildings. Visitors can explore the many museums and art galleries or enjoy a stroll around this enchanting place.

Ghent is another must-see city in Flanders. This historic university town is full of character, with its quaint cafes, pretty parks, and Gothic architecture. There are also plenty of fascinating museums and galleries to discover here.

Mechelen is a lesser-known but equally fascinating destination in Flanders. This beautiful city has a rich cultural heritage evident in its many museums and churches and a lovely canal.
But our favorite is Antwerp, Belgium's second-largest city, home to one of the largest ports in Europe and the fabulous capital of the country.

Antwerp's long list of residents, from fashion moguls to club queens, is only borderline surpassed by the number of art enthusiasts. The city was significant in the 16th century, and many museums remind you of it most prominently. Home to an imposing cathedral overlooking the River Scheldt, this fascinating city is a slow-paced place for visitors to take it all in. Antwerp used to be one of the top diamond centers in the world. But now, it is also known for its vibrant fashion and entertainment scene and stunning contrasts between architectural, cultural, and technological styles.

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