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Taormina, Etna & Eastern Sicily

Situated on the side of a mountain and boasting a dramatic coastline, Taormina is a beautifully adorned summer town popular among travelers who want to experience Sicilian dolce vita. , this elegant resort town is one of Sicily's top destinations.

The Greeks founded Taormina in the 4th century BC, and it became famous as a tourist destination in the 18th century. It is best known for bringing in awe-struck tourists from Europe on the Grand Tour. DH Lawrence spent decades living here and told of this city with such admiration that it influenced his writing.
Mount Etna dominates any panorama from Taormina. Encompassing 581 square kilometers, it is the tallest peak in southern Italy and the largest active volcano in Europe. Anyone visiting the Etna Valley can attend a tasting at one of its many wineries.

Syracuse encapsulates Sicily's timeless beauty more than any other city. Ancient Greek ruins arise of luxuriant citrus orchards while cafe tables spill onto stunning baroque piazzas; medieval side streets lead down to the gorgeous blue sea.

Syracuse was once the largest city in the ancient world. In 734 BC, a group of colonists from Corinth set up a colony on Ortygia (Ortigia). A year later, they founded the mainland city. Almost 3000 years after the founding of this new settlement, we still have sites that establish Syracuse as one of Sicily's most significant archaeological sites.

The Val di Noto of south-eastern Sicily has a rich history, telling equally tales of its beautiful late Baroque aesthetics and the ancient world that existed long before it. UNESCO recognized the area as a site of cultural importance in 2002 because our Val di Noto region offers an unmatched artistic ensemble to match any other in Italy. The eight towns which make up this Italian treasure are (from west to east): Caltagirone, Militello C.da Catania, Catania Palazzolo Noto, and Scicli.

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