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Here, it is the land that arouses the senses. The sights, smell, and flavors of Champagne are unlike any other. The eyes feast on succulent vines growing up hillsides, and the nose likes nothing better than sniffing dozens of different aromas. The palate is dazzled with every sip.
Champagne cellars are a magical place that reveals the processing processes that transform the world's most beloved grape varieties into these UNESCO World Heritage cataloged wines.
Champagne's people are easygoing and fun, despite the prestige of their vineyards. The Champagne Routes offer visitors a warm welcome and charming cities and villages with family-run cellars and vineyards.
Reims is the capital of France's Champagne region. It's known as the coronation city, and that's because it was where over 30 kings were crowned in their time. In Reims, there are many things to see--it also has art-deco buildings and traces of Gallo-Roman society. A World Heritage Site since 1991, there are three UNESCO sites worth visiting: The Tau Palace, Saint-Rémi Basilica, and the cathedral.
Its gargantuan Gothic cathedral rises over the city and is a famous illustration of Reims' beauty.
Epernay is the epicenter of Champagne.
The vines entirely enclose it for the production of Champagne wine. The Avenue de Champagne is home to many lavish and elegant mansions. Seeing this, it's no wonder it's a contender for the title of "capital of Champagne."

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