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Brussels is a historic and hip city that can be bureaucratic and bizarre on the surface. But underneath all that, Brussels is exuberant and multicultural. And people here are confident in themselves but never bother to show off.
Brussels was built on the site of an old Roman settlement. It features 16th- and 17th-century Flemish Renaissance architecture, but its most notable buildings date to the 19th century. The city's most significant architectural expression was art nouveau, and Victor Horta was a master of this era. Rather than following a strict style, he combined elements from various design movements.
Often, old buildings in the city are converted into contemporary art galleries. Brussels has many different options, from former townhouses to skating rinks to the vast Citroën garage being remodeled to showcase conceptual art.
If you love art, Brussels has an event for you. Whether it's iconoclastic or outsider art, Magritte or the Flemish Primitives, there are plenty of options for every taste. There are open studio weekends and event nights, so check them out!
At the Museum of Fine Arts, visitors can find an in-depth exposition on Belgium's most iconic painter: René Magritte.
In Brussels, food and drink are taken very seriously. Many locals love to dine out, and although they're used to various tastes and flavors, they still have some deep-rooted habits. For example, delicious French fries are double-fried for that extra golden color, and waffles always come with a dusting of powdered sugar.
They also have their biscuit, called speculoos. Visitors should take advantage of the famous Belgian beer, especially if they're going to a pub.
Recently, there has been an increasing focus on the importance of organic ingredients. This heavy-eating city is getting healthier as a result.

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