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The canals lined by tilting gabled buildings are one of the most iconic architectural symbols of Holland's Golden Age. And in Amsterdam, this romantic time-warp is your backdrop for museums filled with treasure, boutiques brimming with vintage clothes, and design and drinking scenes that will blow your mind.
You can't walk a kilometer in Amsterdam without running into some beautiful artwork. The Van Gogh Museum puts up the world's most extensive collection by Dutch native Vincent Van Gogh.
Located just a few blocks away is the beautiful Rijksmuseum, home to some of the world's most famous art pieces.
The Museum Het Rembrandthuis offers more of Rembrandt, who is famous for his etchings, in their exhibit of his studio. The Stedelijk Museum also has Matisses and Mondrian's work on display. And if you're looking to see a blockbuster exhibit, the Hermitage Amsterdam delivers with Mega Exhibitions from their extensive collection of three million pieces of art.
In Amsterdam, cycling is more than just getting to work, going shopping, or meeting up for dinner. It's a way of life. There are plenty of bike-rental shops you can find rental bikes from in the city. Locals will usually be on a bike or boats.
Amsterdam's canals and harbors make it a great city to explore. You can see the whole city from an open-air canal boat or take a free ferry behind Centraal Station. If you want to take your boat rental to the next level, rent your own for a more personal experience.
Faded industrial buildings in trendy neighborhoods are now used to house creative enterprises. Some of Europe's hottest clubs can be found in these up-and-coming neighborhoods, as well as art galleries and breweries.
Amsterdam is an incredibly "gezellig" city. It translates to "convivial" or "cozy," and that's exactly how it feels here. Everybody gets to know each other, the clocks seem to stand still, and time seems to hold a new level of meaning. It's relaxing, comforting, and a little scary at first. But your troubles will disappear as you walk through this famous Dutch city.

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