Verona, Valpolicella, Lake Garda & Veneto Villages

Feel the love on this romantic tour of some of Italy’s most amorous destinations. From the medieval town of Verona situated by the meandering Adige River —famously known as the setting for Romeo and Juliet—to the winding streets and canals of Venice, perfect for stolen kisses, this is the ideal tour for those seeking a getaway with their significant other. Aside from Italy’s renowned cities of love, destinations also include the magnificent natural beauty of Lake Garda, perfect for intimate boat rides across its crystal blue waters, as well as lesser-known cities such as Bassano del Grappa, and countryside spots in the stunning Valpolicella wine region. Famous for its quarries, villas, and rolling vineyards, in Valpolicella you will be able to enjoy deep and delicious red wine, the perfect aphrodisiac to set the tone for you and your star-crossed lover’s passionate adventure through North-Eastern Italy.