The Journey of Good Taste: Holland, Wallonia, Luxembourg, Champagne

Is there a better way to discover the Ardenne and Low Countries … than on a food trail?
Four countries with a million people who speak four different languages, but they all have one thing in common: Good Taste.
This trip offers visitors a panorama of the unique culinary of Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France; the most characteristic foods, the best selection of beers and the finest wines.
Exploring a new culture means knowing its history, art masterpieces, tradition and landscapes: enjoying all of this, appreciating high-quality food and drinks is the aim of this journey through Western Europe.
This is a land of welcome, transit and connection places. Down the centuries it’s been crisscrossed by copious invaders who have left their mark in several ways: on the language, on the friendly nature of the personalities, on the quirky comic books and surreal art, and on the table – the heart and soul of daily life.
The abundance of its terroir, the creativity and know-how of its artisan farmers and its sense of celebration blend to serve up compelling dishes with unique flavours.