Invitation to Sicily

Located at the toe of Italy’s boot, Sicily is the southernmost region in the country and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Filled with breath-taking scenery such as the views to be had on the surrounding Aeolian and Pelagian Islands (with sandy beaches, caves, cliffs and coastlines a plenty) and of course the dramatic perspective of the infamous Mount Etna (the tallest active volcano in Europe!), Sicily boasts a wide variety of natural wonders for you to feast your eyes upon. As well as mother nature, there are many historical sites for you to explore, from the Valley of the Temples (Valle dei Templi), a UNESCO World Heritage site comprised of a series of 8 temples, to Siracusa, one of Sicily’s main historic cities and the birthplace of renowned mathematician and engineer Archimedes. Not to mention Palermo, the capital of the island which boasts energetic and tantalising street food markets, luscious beaches, extensive history, architectural gems and surrounding coastal villages.