From Piedmont to Emilia

From the foothills of the Alps to the fertile pastures of the Po Valley, seek out the tantalizing tastes of Northern Italy for an in-depth introduction to the culture and cuisine of this unique part of the country. Start in the rolling hills of the renowned and productive Langhe region, as you hunt for truffles (with a trusty truffle pig or dog!) and taste the copious varieties of wine this fairy-tale landscape has to offer. Then, exchange the rustic and rural for the cosmopolitan as you head to bright lights of Turin – Italy’s first capital city! – to watch renowned chocolatiers practising their craft before you cross the border into Emilia Romagna. Although you may know the region best for its iconic production of Parmigiano Reggiano and Modenese balsamic vinegar, here you will discover lesser-known delicacies, as well as have the chance to explore the area’s fascinating history, medieval villages and warm, welcoming inhabitants.