Brussels & Flanders

Visit Brussels and the amazing Flanders and discover a very authentic region of Europe, full of History, great food, the best beer in the world, and outstanding Art.
Brussels is a historic and hip city that can be bureaucratic and bizarre on the surface. But what you don’t see underneath, Brussels is exuberant and multicultural. What’s more, people here are confident and don’t feel the need to boast about their accomplishments.
Many old structures in the city are being converted into contemporary art galleries.
Flanders is a beautiful and diverse region, home to picturesque villages, towns, and bustling metropolises. From historical events like the Battle of Waterloo and Basilica of Our Lady to more modern attractions like Brasserie Cambrinus, Flanders has plenty to offer even the most fast-paced tourist.
Flanders will always be home to the illustrious medieval city of Bruges, the true gem of Belgium’s many towns. Ghent is a friendly and amusing city, Antwerp is a bustling and intoxicating port town, and Mechelen often gets overlooked.