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Like in the best novel, where Nature is a relevant character on the scene, at Villa Sostaga, the Lake Garda is a perpetual guest. Tranquillity and charm. Celestial panoramas and refined furnishings.

A quintessential Italian story. The destiny of the poet D’Annunzio, Alfa Romeo, Count Feltrinelli, the authentic food prepared by a grandmother and the mysterious beauty of the lake come together at Villa Sostaga to create a fantastic tale.From this tale, Villa Sostaga comes to life. The building, dating back to the end of the nineteenth century, was conceived by Count Giuseppe Feltrinelli. His idea was to establish a hunting residence in the middle of a wood of 40 hectares, situated on a hill just a few kilometres from Gargnano, one of the most enchanting locations of Lake Garda. Later, the architect Alberico Belgiojoso transformed Villa Sostaga into a private summer residence. Villa Sostaga is this: a romantic hotel in Gargnano, a splendid location on Lake Garda; a way of interpreting a holiday based on a fundamental requirement, the search for quality in every single detail and to feel completely at ease as at home.


The gentle atmosphere, never formal and always lively, shines through from the attention to detail in the fabrics, the colours and the particular care to the interior of the rooms, all spacious and bright. Each room and suite at Villa Sostaga embody the typical charm of aristocratic abodes. Here it’s possible to listen to a musical silence kissed by the tiny breeze passing across the trees and Lake Garda. Tranquillity and charm. Celestial panoramas and refined furnishings. Gentle notes of comfort to etch on the “music sheet” of your heart. In synthesis, the stay in the 19 rooms of Villa Sostaga and in the Dépendance Meridiana guarantees ideal rest after extraordinary days spent on the wonderful banks of Lake Garda.

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Verona & Lake Garda


4 stars


  • 19 Rooms and Suites
  • Restaurant
  • SPA
  • Gym
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Parking

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