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A Walk Through The Jewish Quarter Of Amsterdam: Discover, Understand & Share

The Jewish Quarter of Amsterdam is one of the city's most interesting and culturally rich areas. It is where history and modernity clash and different cultures come together.
The Quarter is home to many historical sites, including the Anne Frank House, and it is also home to a vibrant contemporary community. You will learn about the history of the Quarter and its modern life.
The Jewish Quarter of Amsterdam is one of the city's most aged and culturally significant neighborhoods. A walk through the Quarter will take you past historic synagogues, Jewish museums, and memorials. You'll also learn about the rich history of the Jewish people in Amsterdam, from their early days in the city to their experience during the Holocaust.
Pass by 'Schouwburg,' a former theater, became a Jewish deportation center during the Nazi invasion. See the various Jewish monuments such as the 'National Holocaust Names monument', the 'Shaduwkade' monument by the canal, and others. Visit the Jewish Museum, displaying left behind belongings that recount stories of those families who were detained and eventually deported to concentration camps.

The visit of Anne Frank House is a perfect addition to learning more about the Jewish Heritage of the city. 

You can tour the house where Anne Frank and her family, the Van Pels Family, and Fritz Pfeffer were hidden during the Nazi invasion. You will get to step behind the bookcase door and climb up the narrow stairs leading you to the preserved hiding rooms of the families.



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