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Truffling is an ancient skill that has shaped rural life in Italy and the lives of the hunters.

Truffle Experience is the best way to uncover Piedmont's rural life and culinary tradition.
Truffle hunting is an ancient skill passed on through cultural traditions. It has shaped rural life in Italy and the lives of the hunters.
The tartufai ( truffle hunters) usually live in rural regions and tiny villages.
Today, this tradition still describes the rural life of several communities in Italy.
Our truffle hunt lasts about 2 hours. First, we'll discuss some information on Black and White Barolo truffles. Then, passing Barolo wine yards and hazelnut fields and under a clear sky in the countryside of Piedmont, we'll arrive at the truffle woods--the tartufaia. There, we'll follow the dog and hopefully find some truffles.
Hunting involves identifying areas where the truffle plant matures, from whose roots grow the subterranean fungus called 'truffle.' This stage is carried out with the help of a trained dog. The hunters utilize a particular spade to drag the truffles without disturbing the ground conditions.
You will also learn the difference between Black and White Barolo truffles.
Truffle hunting is frequently associated with popular feasts that celebrate the beginning and end of the truffle season. The methods respect the ecological equilibrium and plant biodiversity, securing the seasonal rebirth of the truffle species.



4 hours