Enjoy “The Chariot à fondue”, the first horse-drawn restaurant in Belgium

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The ride on a horse cart through the Ardenne region is an attraction for the senses and palate.

This original concept, a gourmet ride on a horse cart, combines taste buds and Ardenne's landscapes.
The horse-drawn cart pulled by “Ardennais” horses is waiting for you in the quiet little village of Porcheresse, in the heart of the Ardennes. Before boarding the cart equipped with tables built especially for the fondue kit, the driver explains the safety rules. The time now to greet the horses, the main actors of this exceptional “tasty”, original, and 100% eco-friendly experience. No music on board but the sound of hooves on the pavement!

It is time now to enjoy the meal. First, an aperitif with an appetizer before enjoying the fondue that comes with other local delicacies. With Ardennes Trait Gourmand, there is something for everyone. You can choose between a meat fondue, a cheese fondue, or a combo and even a chocolate fondue. All ingredients are from local producers or homemade!

The principle is simple, you are your chef and prepare your fondue and enjoy it during the ride. An original way to combine the pleasure of a meal with the joy of eating in the open air and at the rhythm of the horses' pace. On your way, you will find forests, rivers, meadows, and beautiful villages where most houses are built of local stone.



3 hours