The amazing Gardens of Villa Taranto

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In 1935, a Scottish Captain named Neil McEacharn bought a property around Intra and Pallanza Lake from Marquess di Sant'Elia with ambitions to create an international botanical collection.
He was born into a wealthy aristocratic family that allowed him time for gardening and travel throughout Europe during their formative years, which gave them confidence in achieving this goal of having one's own garden while still being able-bodied enough to appreciate not only aesthetics but also botany too!
Henry Cocker, an English gardener, helped McEacharn achieve his dream. With his expertise in landscaping, McEacharn collected more than 8500 different species at Villa Taranto, where he lived until death,
He donated all his treasures to the Italian State, and the gardens were opened in June 2005 under British government supervision.
Villa Taranto is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and for sure worth a visit for travelers staying on Lake Maggiore or nearby.



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