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Discover a city that proudly represents itself as a model of European unity

Characterized by its history, deeply bicultural, Strasbourg possesses an outstanding architectural heritage! In a complex blend of tradition and modernity, ancient monuments now stand beside the most modern structures. Strasbourg proudly represents itself as a model of European unity. The city is home to various continental organizations, including the European Parliament and essential cultural institutions.

The Alsatian capital is proud to offer entertainment that's open to a wide variety of artistic audacities, repertoires and flavours!

This experience will allow discovering the city's ancient culture and fantastic heritage, such as the Grande Ile, a Unesco World Heritage site, around the old pedestrian areas, the Cathedral, and the Petite France neighbourhood. The walk includes significant landmarks such as Maison Kammerzell, Gutenberg square, St. Thomas church, the ancient tanners' houses, the Covered Bridge and many more.

You will start with the old city centres around its Gothic Cathedral, "Our Lady of Strasbourg", built of red sandstone and illustrated by Victor Hugo as a "gigantic and delicate marvel"!

The Petite France district, one of the most attractive of Strasbourg with its colourful 16th and 17th-century half-timbered houses, was the poor section of the city occupied by mills and tanneries, both of which depended on the river and its downward flowing branches to support their work.

Then, you will discover the series of three fortified bridges and their three towers linking arms with the Ill River.



3 Hours