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Visit Sicily’s south-eastern jewel with a guided tour through its major landmarks

Defined by Cicero as “the most beautiful city in Magna Graecia”, Siracusa is an elegant town where the ancient Greek grandeur is still very much alive and historic jewels abound at every corner. Start your exploration, with your local guide, from the ancient island of Ortigia,
famous for the typical streets lined with honey-gold palaces, baroque-style churches, and ancient Greek ruins, leading to the magnificent Cathedral Square. You will walk through bustling market stalls and shops selling wonderful Sicilian delicacies and beautiful artisanal pieces, then you will continue to visit the Neapolis archaeological park. Later reach Neapolis, the ancient Greek town where you will visit the old theatre, the ruins of the city and the famous Orecchio di Dioniso, an impressive cave shaped like a giant ear.



3 hours