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Get out of town to explore the city of the historic Palio horse race and the Manhattan of the Middle Ages

Explore the Tuscan countryside in this impressive tour, starting in Florence, and traveling through Chianti, to visit San Gimignano and Siena.
Being in Chianti, you will also learn more about the local wine culture.
The rolling hills and picturesque villages of Chianti are home to some of the best vineyards in the world. Few things are more romantic than enjoying wine in the Tuscan countryside.
Siena is a city with soaring architecture and a soul that flies high. This open-air museum is filled with spiritual and secular Gothic monuments, including art collections that have remained in their medieval forms. These incredible preservation efforts provide many guests with much to marvel at.
The city's historic "Contrade" are just as close-knit and colorful today as in the 17th century when they started their famous annual horse race, the Palio. Within each "Contrada" lies a lively network of artisanal boutiques, pastry shops, and restaurants. You'll find a feast for the senses during your travels there. The self-guided tours are a must on every trip to Tuscany.
The medieval town of San Gimignano is perched on a hilltop "like a medieval Manhattan." Initially an Etruscan village, San Gimignano was named after the bishop of Modena, who is said to have protected the city from Attila the Hun. It became a commune in 1199 and has prospered mainly because it lies on Via Francigena -- or King's Road. Reminiscent of Medieval society, building tall towers to show power and wealth was very popular among prominent families of this period.



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