The Villas of Ravello

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In the south-east of Sicily is a beautiful paradise, where nature and history have collaborated to create a magical place.

Ravello is a historic village perched high in the hills above Amalfi on the stunning Amalfi Coast. Historically, Ravello was a favorite destination of artists, writers, and musicians due to its picturesque setting and beautiful gardens. Today, Ravello is known as the "town of music" because of an acclaimed summer music festival that sees the participation of renowned Italian and international artists. The Ravello Music Festival is held annually in July and August and features classical, jazz, and popular music concerts in the medieval Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone gardens. The tour includes visiting Ravello's splendid historic residences: XII-century Villa Cimbrone, with its beautiful "Terrace of Infinity" that offers spectacular views over the Tyrrhenian sea, and XIII-century Villa Rufolo featuring perfectly-manicured gardens, a Moorish cloister and an extraordinary panorama over the coast.



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