Charming Portofino and San Fruttuoso’s Abbey

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Although completely local, Portofino is an internationally renowned destination for its charming scenery.

Portofino is an attractive town with pastel-colored houses lining the bustling harbor. At the same time, the small hills and calm waters make it perfect for relaxing activities such as sailing or hiking.
You've got to see the town's patron saint, San Giorgio. He can be found in the 12th-century church of the same name, and although there are many exciting things to see, it's hard to go without entering the small courtyard for a fantastic view. Next door is a castle called Castello Brown, which features neo-Gothic architecture and bas-reliefs. You'll also want to check out Monte di Portofino if you're looking for an easy hike or head down to Cala Montanara for an adventurous boat ride.
A visit to Portofino can only be completed if it includes San Fruttuoso's Abbey.
Located in the tiny hamlet of San Fruttuoso, this is the site of a beautifully restored Benedictine abbey, erected in the 10th century for Bishop St. Fructuosus of Tarragona. The monastery was rebuilt around 1229 thanks to donations from the Doria family. It soon fell into disrepair, but it has been restored to its former character of closeness and humanity.



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