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Discover the stunning treasures of Sicily’s capital

Palermo has been a crossroads of cultures and traditions since ancient times and with this tour you will learn about its fascinating history and culture through the most famous monuments, churches and neighborhoods. Palermo’s streets are filled with bustling outdoor markets overflowing with olives and colorful citrus fruits, while artistic delights and historic gems abound at every corner and include Norman palaces, Baroque churches and exquisite chapels. Your guide will show you delightful squares and picturesque streets while explaining the city’s fascinating history and the many cultures that called Palermo their home throughout the centuries. The tour will also lead you inside the Norman Palace to visit the 12th-century Palatine Chapel, where every surface is covered in stunning mosaics depicting tales of the Old and New Testaments, and ceilings with spectacular wooden panels carved and painted by Arab craftsmen.



4 Hours