Mozzarella cheese and Greek Temples in Paestum

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Visit Paestum to explore some impressive Greek temples and learn how mozzarella cheese is produced in an organic farm

Paestum is an ancient city of Magna Grecia where it is still possible to admire three extraordinarily preserved Greek temples. They date back to about 500 BC and are thought to be dedicated to the ancient gods Poseidon, Hera and Athena. The archeological park includes also an interesting museum displaying beautiful artworks from ancient Greece. But Paestum is also renowned for being one of the top producers of mozzarella, the queen cheese on Italian tables, and this tour will take you to a local organic farm, where you will learn all the secrets behind the production of mozzarella and will be offered a rich tasting of this delicious cheese. A delightful lunch at a local farmhouse is also on the itinerary to savour the unique flavours of the local gastronomy.



8 hours