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Explore some of Milan’s most beautiful corners

Once an introverted city and often challenging to read, Milan has become the capital for fashion, innovation, and design, a cityscape exuding energy between the façades of yesterday and today.
Milan offers one hidden gem after the next, where the hustle and bustle is to be experienced by foot or bike.
Start with your guide from Sforza Castle, the impressive 16th-century fortress that used to be one of the largest fortified citadels in Europe and today is home to the city’s civic museums. After a stroll through the castle’s courtyards and gardens, you will take a lovely stroll through the bustling Milanese streets up to Brera, the artistic heart of the city, home to the renowned Academy of Fine Arts and a gallery displaying incredible artworks by the likes of Raphael, Caravaggio and Mantegna. The next stop will be Piazza Duomo, home to Milan’s iconic cathedral, whose rooftop offers spectacular views of the city, and the magnificent 19th-century shopping arcade Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which leads to La Scala Theater, where you will visit the museum and get a sneak peek of the famous stage used by some of the world’s most famous artists.



4 hours