Guided Walk in the Great Forest of Saint-Hubert

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Saint-Hubert, nicknamed "the European Capital of Hunting and Nature," is home to an extensive forest shaped by the great Saint-Hubert abbey.

Saint-Hubert, the "European Capital of Hunting and Nature", is well known for its great forest, which was shaped and exploited by the great abbey of Saint- Hubert. This abbey was the most important Benedictine abbey in Europe and the capital of a small state called "Land of God and Saint-Hubert". The emblematic animal is still the stag, king of the forest, and bearer of legends.

The guide will take you for a 3-hour guided walk through a part of this great forest of Saint-Hubert to discover the fauna and flora. This walk will take you through a part of this huge, unspoiled, fascinating St Hubert forest. The walk-in this thousand-year-old forest is very interesting because it is home to a variety of trees broadleaf trees and conifers.Two itineraries you can choose from :
The first itinerary starts at Saint-Hubert Wildlife Park, whereas the second one is at the Saint-Hubert airfield in the direction of the Monastery of Hurtebise.
Both locations offer easy parking and at the end of your hike, enjoy a fresh drink at a typical café.

Please note: from 1 October to 31 December, the itinerary is likely to be deviated in some places due to the hunting season.



3 hours