Genoa between Alps and Mediterranean Sea

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It's lovely to explore the fascinating avenues of Genoa, admiring the magnificent buildings of noble families who once lived there.

A gorgeous European city between two mountain ranges and the blue, azure Mediterranean Sea, Genoa is one of Italy's most unique and exciting in Italy.
The hill on which Genoa is situated, a region of the Apennine mountains in Liguria, provides it with natural contours. The city borders the Gulf of Genoa and is found at the meeting point of different geographical backgrounds and landscapes. The city has always been a center for trade and historical events. As you stroll through this Italian town, you'll find gastronomic delights to suit every taste and preference.
Genoa was the capital of one of the maritime republics from 1099 until 1797 and became a significant naval power on the European continent.
The buildings of the maritime republic stand as a testament to its charm.
The city has now been reborn as a bustling economic center, a university town, and a scientific, cultural, musical, and artistic hub. With a historical center full of enchanting caruggi (narrow lanes between high outer walls), Genoa still has plenty to see and do!
The capital of tasty pesto and good food is home to many industrial activities and some of the country's most important tourism and trade fair events.
Your visit to Genoa starts at the Genova Aquarium, the largest aquarium in Italy and the second-largest in Europe. Afterward, you can stroll around the old city to see some of its must-sees - the Cathedral, Teatro Carlo Felice, and Palazzo Rosso. When you're done there, visit the Old Port, where you'll find cultural, tourist, musical, and sporting events waiting for you. One of the city's oldest palaces, the Ducal Palace, is an exhibition venue, while the Royal Palace, a UNESCO heritage site, is a magnet for art lovers.



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