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Explore Rome’s food scene, then visit the treasures of the Vatican

Sacred and profane combine in this tour that will make you experience the best of Rome’s culinary and religious heritage. You will start the day at Campo de Fiori, one of Rome’s oldest neighborhoods, where you will be guided through the colorful stall of a local market. There will be lots of wonderful food and wine stops along the way for a complete immersion into the local culinary traditions. After a delightful lunch with the best pizza in town, you will visit the treasures of the Vatican, starting from the Vatican Museums, where you’ll embark on a fascinating journey through ancient marble statues, magnificent tapestries and mesmerizing geographical maps before reaching the Sistine Chapel, whose famous frescoed ceiling is considered to be the greatest individual artistic achievement in history. Then you will explore the splendor of St. Peter’s Basilica and the beautiful Piazza San Pietro.



7 Hours