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Step back to Renaissance times with an excursion to Ferrara

Ferrara is a splendid city that oozes Renaissance charm at every corner. This tour will introduce you to the city’s major landmarks, starting from the perfectly intact old town that earned it the status of Unesco Heritage Site. One of its most celebrated sites is Palazzo dei Diamanti, an extraordinary palace punctuated by over 8,000 grey marble spikes that you’ll be able to visit with a handy skip-the-line ticket. During the tour, you will venture through Ferrara’s charming medieval lanes and see other beautiful landmarks like the old Jewish ghetto, the majestic Cathedral of San Giorgio dating back to the 12th century, and the imposing Castello Estense, the castle of the historic Estense family that reigned over Ferrara for three centuries and made it a major center of art and culture.



3 hours