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Explore the Champagne region on a guided tour that takes you to iconic locations and prestigious producers

The day starts at Epernay, known as the "Capital of Champagne". Its main street, Avenue de Champagne, is a 1km-long avenue where the world's most famous Champagne Houses have their headquarters and precious cellars. After a walk around town, you'll visit the most famous champagne producer of all time, Moët & Chandon. Founded in 1743, they soon gained a loyal following among royals and aristocrats, becoming a symbol of wealth and exclusivity. With this tour, you'll have the opportunity to visit Moët & Chandon's incredible network of underground cellars, where the famous bubbles mature and develop their unique character. Spanning 28km, they are the most extensive cellars in the Champagne region. The visit will conclude with a tasting session of exclusive Grand Vintage white and rosé. After an optional lunch at Jacquinot et Filsa's historic champagne house, the tour continues to Hautvillers, where Dom Pérignon, whose name now is on bottles of the world's most prestigious cuvée, carried out experiments that significantly contributed to the production of champagne. Telmont, a four-generation family-owned Champagne house, is the last stop on the itinerary. After touring the facilities, you'll end the visit with a champagne tasting.



8 Hours