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Dinant is a town that looks straight out of a picture postcard. It's exceptionally breathtaking when you look across the Meuse River and up at the Citadelle

An authentic picture-postcard town, Dinant provides a stunning spectacle, especially when you look across the Meuse and lift your gaze towards the Citadelle and the onion-domed tower of the Collegiate church, all highlighted by the ribbon of houses and shops running alongside the river. Take the cable car to the Citadelle, located on a rocky outcrop, for a breathtaking view. The first fortifications date back to the 9th century. On these, Vauban built his castle, which would later be demolished and replaced with this fortress in 1815. However, Dinant is known worldwide thanks to Adolphe Sax, the saxophone inventor, born in Dinant. There are saxophones scattered all over town; the giant saxophones on the main bridge over the River Meuse are the most impressive ones.
From one of the most impressive fortresses in Belgium, you will enjoy an outstanding view of the Meuse valley before visiting the citadel. A dedicated space explains to the visitors the heavy fighting between the French and German troops in August 1914. Do not miss the reconstituted air shelter, which collapsed during the bombings. You will also find a museum dedicated to weapons on-site and a didactic trail featuring objects and panels retracing the history of Dinant. Once back in the city center, head to “The Maison de Monsieur Sax” on the very spot where he was born. The Interpretive Centre retraces the story of the saxophone through an original and playful scenography.



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