The ‘Diamond Square Mile’ Walking Tour

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Discover the Jewish Heritage of Antwerp

Antwerp and diamonds are inseparable. Did you know that 84% of the world's raw diamonds and 50% of all cut diamonds pass through to the city on the Scheldt? The city has been the world's diamond capital for more than five centuries and it's famous for diamond cutting too. The heart of the diamond industry is in the Diamond District, near the city’s Central Station. It consists of three traffic-free streets - Rijfstraat, Hoveniersstraat and the Schupstraat - and is home to 1,700 registered diamond companies and their 4,500 diamond dealers.

Starting from Via Central Station, you’ll reach the ‘Diamond Square Mile’ with its melting pot of nationalities creating a unique atmosphere. During your visit, you will learn everything about the origin of diamonds, their processing, the diamond trade and the quality label Antwerp’s Most Brilliant, which guarantees the best-quality diamonds.



2 hours