Cote Azur & The American Connection

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Follow the steps of the "lost generation" in the French Riviera

In the first years after the first world war, known as "Les années folles" or the "Crazy Years", Paris returned to be the capital of art, music, literature and cinema. The creative excitement and low prices attracted writers and artists worldwide, including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Charlie Chaplin and Josephine Baker.
Later, they discovered the South of France and fell in love with the place. The Rivera became home to a strange, noisy, creative community of Americans that had their picnics in the sand, listening to Jazz on a compact phonograph.
Imagine Picasso on La Garoupe beach, wearing a black Stetson while his first wife Olga, a Russian ballerina, dancing on the sand.
Or Cole Porter and his friends slathered themselves with cocoa butter, sunbathed and bathed in the height of summer, at a time when no one else conceived of going near the water.
You will touch these iconic locations, such as Juan-les-Pins. Scott Fitzgerald favourite "Belles Rives" Hotel, the village of La Motte, Valescure & Agay districts, Cap du Dramont and the Gold corniche, Mandelieu & Hemingway beach.



8 Hours