Cooking masterclass & food walking tour

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Explore Tuscany's gastronomic heritage with a local chef, taste delicious regional delicacies and learn how to cook a traditional menu

Meet the local chef who’ll guide you in this culinary masterclass and go on a food adventure through the streets of central Florence, browsing traditional grocery shops to find the ingredients you’ll need for your meal. Armed with bags of fresh produce, take a quick stroll to the kitchen facilities in the heart of Florence and sample some local delicacies before you start cooking. Next, put your apron on and learn how to cook a traditional menu under the watchful eye of the chef, who will share stories about Tuscan food and culture along the way. Then, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your culinary efforts accompanied by some great local wine. At the end of the experience, you’ll receive a certificate and a recipe booklet to replicate the dishes at home.



4 hours