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Cinque Terre is a charming, quaint region where you'll be immersed in the ancient culture of Mediterranean Europe.

Cinque Terre is a stunning piece of the Mediterranean coast in Liguria. Located between La Spezia and Pisa, this small yet captivating territory has been named one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.
A Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997, it's filled with dramatic footpaths, gorgeous seafronts, and small villages that bring you away from daily life and allow you to decompress and enjoy nature.
Ancient history and medieval culture live on in the five villages of Cinque Terre. Much of their scenic architecture remains intact, but their town's historical draws are steeply terraced cliffs bisected by an intricate system of fields and gardens hacked and chiseled, shaped, and layered over the years.
You will visit the Cinque Terre through a little coastal train, scenically sneaking through dark tunnels cut into the mountains that open out to glorious views of the Ligurian Sea; by boats skirting wonderful small villages clinging to impervious cliffs and on foot, walking small stretches of breathtaking beauty.
Come lunch, enjoy fresh seafood accompanied by fine local wine, and then continue a leisurely hike through seafront vineyards to learn about the region's unique grape harvesting process.



9 hours