Charming Stresa and marvelous Borromee Islands

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Situated between Lombardy, Piedmont and Switzerland, Lake Maggiore is a stunning lake with breathtaking landscapes, lush nature, and art masterpieces.

Lake Maggiore is surrounded by the majestic Alps and home to some of Italy's most impressive gardens. It generates a mitigate micro-climate similar to the Mediterranean, where the mountains protect the shores from cold winds.
A boat trip is the best way to discover the landscape, its picturesque gardens with lush vegetation, private villas and secluded dwellings.
After some free time in Stresa, you will take a two-hour panoramic boat cruise on the lake, visiting the Borromean Islands, Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori.
Isola Bella is an island shaped like a ship where a sumptuous Palace built in the 1500s bow represented the bow. Your relaxing walking will pass through rich Baroque art and architecture, precious Venetian furniture, the ground floor caves, a unique collection of puppets and scenic botanical gardens.
The second island of a boat trip on Lake Maggiore is Isola dei Pescatori, the Fishermen island. Smaller than Isola Bella, this is the only one to be inhabited all year-round. You will have time to explore its narrow streets and scenic corners.
On the way to Como, there is another beautiful landmark to visit:
Santa Caterina del Sasso, built in the second half of the XII century on a deep cliff. A steep flight of steps from either the water is the only way to reach the church. The view is amazing!