The Castle of Godfrey in Bouillon and Trappist Beer of Orval Abbey

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The historic castle and abbey are less than an hour from Brussels.

The castle of Bouillon is one of the most remarkable monuments in the province of Luxemburg in Belgium. It overlooks the town of Bouillon and the river Semois and stands proudly on a ridge surrounded by trees.
Its earliest mention is from 988 CE, but it's most famous for being the home of Duke Godfrey V. Legend has it that King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and even Robin Hood visited Duke Godfrey at his castle. These stories are mentioned in Dan Brown's novel "The Da Vinci Code." Godfrey V was a crusader who died in Jerusalem after winning the First Crusade.
End your day with a tribute to Belgian Beer.
Bouillon is at the heart of the Trappist country, lying at the center of the triangle drawn between the holy trinity of Chimay, Rochefort, and Orval. So it makes an excellent base for some fabulous tasting.
Reach the Abbey of Orval for an unexpected visit followed by a beer tasting.
In the Abbey, visitors can buy beers and Belgian-style ales (including Green Orval beer, available only here), see exhibitions about brewing or medicinal plants or view the artworks owned by the Abbey.




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