Le Langhe

Langhe is one of the most scenic places to visit in Piedmont. Sweet landscapes, quaint villages, medieval churches and castles, many vineyards and changing colours all year round.
A land that makes the name of Italian food and wine great in the world. Get to know the secrets of the production of excellent wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco and the Alta Langa, which started the vinification of high-level sparkling wines.
It is also a land of agri-food excellence such as superb white truffles, herby cheeses, hazelnuts and chestnuts, meats and salamis.
Discover the Alta Langa, still relatively untouched by mass tourism. It’s the highest, most pristine part of the Langhe, where vineyards share the stage with hazelnut groves and ancient woods.
Thanks to its beauty, amazing food and wines, It will not be hard to fall in love with this part of Piedmont.