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Our story

VIT Incoming started as a local agent in Capri about 25 years ago and has grown a lot since then. We left the island to provide travel services across the entire country and today we are proud to be listed among Italy’s top destination specialists. One thing never changed, though: the never-ending search for quality, conducted with passion, dedication and continuous learning. Like truffle hunters, we patiently search for those unique experiences and hidden treasures that can turn a trip to Italy into a whirlwind of emotions.

Your eyes and ears on the ground

We have a team of over 20 seasoned travel professionals, each with first-hand knowledge and experience of the country and its countless facets as a destination. We are all based in Italy and this allows us to provide you with the best on-the-ground support to give your customers the trip of a lifetime. We offer expert travel advice, itineraries that uncover the true essence of the country and a focus on the little details that make all the difference. Plus, we are always on hand to assist you via email or on the phone.

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Passion & First Hand Knowledge

VIT Incoming has a team of experienced and passionate travel designers helping you to create handcrafted journeys for real travellers.
Our destination specialists regularly explore the regions your customers will be visiting and in many cases even live there.
They offer terrific guidance and suggestions for things to see and do.
Each itinerary is created by someone who has first-hand familiarity with its sites and accommodations. Our goal is to offer a true and intimate sense of the country they’re visiting... to truly experience the essence of its rich history and culture. We’re there to provide them with an insider’s view and to have you gain that insight into the daily life of a region or city.

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We love talking with you.